How much is an Uber from Cancun to Merida? Tourists, Don’t Be Scammed!

If you are flying to Cancun, then you are probably wondering how much is an Uber from Cancun to Merida? Others ask is Uber available in Cancun airport or not? When it comes to transportation, there are many options that you will have at your disposal such as buses, taxis, etc. However, is it really worth taking an Uber from Cancun to Merida or should you use another means? Keep reading to see what all tourists should know before traveling to Mexico!

How much is an Uber from Cancun to Merida?

We have been traveling to Mexico for several years before moving to Merida. And the truth is that me and wife both use Uber and Didi rideshare services just about daily to get around in Merida. Other times we use a combi or a Va y Ven bus.

Being that Cancun is roughly 4 hours away from Merida, it may cost you an upwards of $250 USD or more one-way! This is really expensive and roughly 4-5 times the price of taking a bus. Didi, another Uber competitor charges roughly 3,000 pesos (roughly $180 USD). But again, you can not be picked up at the Cancun airport.

You can find cheap flights from Cancun to Merida under $250 and arrive within 30 minutes.

My thoughts? Athough we do use Uber in Merida to commute to different locations each week, I DO NOT recommend using it to travel from directly Cancun to Merida! The only exception would be IF you just have the extra money and don’t mind spending it, or this is absolutely the last of the last options that you THINK you have to get there.

I remember an occasion where I did a long trip like that before and they drive didn’t have enough gas and wanted some upfront. Uber drivers get paid through the app so there is no reason why you should have to give them money up front. Don’t do it!

What You Should Know About Uber At Mexican Airports

When it comes to airport pickups, there are typically designated spots where passengers must be picked up by rideshare drivers. However, one of the first things that you MUST understand off the gate is that Ubers drop you off at airports, but they are prohibited from picking up riders from airports in Mexico. Obviously prohibition applies to the Cancun airport as well.

What do I think about this? I personally think that it’s a complete inconvenience to tourists visiting Cancun or Mexico on vacation or even for locals. You are basically FORCED to use a source of transportation that you may not be prepared to use upon arrival.

Atleast the benefit of Uber is that it is a universal platform used by billions of people globally. It doesn’t matter if you speak the language or not, if you have the Uber app installed on your Android or iPhone, then a driver will pick you up. And when comparing prices in general with Uber in USA vs Mexico, you will save a lot of money. Pricing in Mexico for Uber is about a 1/3 of the prices in United States and this is probably one of the major that we use it more here in Merida.

I think that as part of your travel plans you should comtemplate this slight inconvenience if you are arriving to the Cancun airport or ANY Mexican airport. Try to arrange for another means of getting to your destination besides rideshare.

Why won’t Uber pick me up at the airport in Cancun Mexico?

Even if you try using the phone app, Uber drivers will reject you and state that they can not pick you up at airport. The reason drivers will not accept the ride is because they will be fined a large amount for violation.

I personally know of a case here in Merida where an Uber driver picked up a passenger on Merida airport property and was fined up to 40,000 Mexican pesos (over $2,300 USD). You would figure if the average Mexican is making about 10,000 pesos monthly (roughly $580 USD), imagine getting a hefty fine for violating the law! This is why Uber will not pickup riders at the airport in Cancun Mexico.

Mexican average salary is about 350,000 pesos/year which is roughly $17,000 USD according to some stats online. This breaks down to be under $1500 USD. However, I know of many Mexicans who live in Merida and the outskirts who make about 5,000 – 10,000 pesos/month which is about $300 – $580 USD/month. Again, I share this with you so that you will understand why no Uber drivers will take a risk of picking you up at Cancun airport just to make a few bucks and later get fined bythe police.

How To Request Uber At Cancun Airports

If you really would like to use Uber at Cancun airport, you will have to walk off the airport property and meet an UBer driver quite a distance away. If you build in the time for it, then it might be a viable option for you IF you know exactly where you are going. If you do not, then again I DO NOT recommend it. Why?

Immediately when exiting the Cancun airport, tons of taxi drivers will be like vultures all over you. They will try to CONVINCE you that they are giving you the absolute best deal, but it’s not the truth at all! They will basically charge you an arm and 2 legs being that you are not from here and may not speak the language.

Taxi drivers might take an extended route to your destination just to charge you more money. Although some like Cacun taxi services, I personally don’t recommend them at all. Sometimes if taxi drivers recognize that you are a tourist or visiting, they will quote you a lower price upfront and then charge you another price upon arrival that you didin’t agree to :(.

So again, if you want to request Uber at Cancun airport, then you must walk with your luggage a certain distance away from the airport to meet your driver. Also, keep in mind that all requests from the Cancun airport will be slightly higher than usual, but still cheaper than being in the United States.

What Is The Alternative To Uber In Cancun For Tourists?

Renting A Car In Cancun

If you plan to stay a few days to check some beaches or do some siteseeing before going from Cancun to Merida, then renting a car in Cancun just makes sense. You can do this online as it will save you more money upfront versus waiting until you arrive to the airport. This is something that we did before to get around to divide up our vacation days and also get to know Quintana Roo. Cancun has some of the most beautiful beaches that we have every seen! You can checkout perhaps la Playa Delfines in the Zona Hotelera.

These are just a few of the pictures that we took that when going to Cancun to Playa Delfines. There are tons of beaches on the strip and you can take your pick! What do you think? Drop your comments below please.

How much is an Uber from Cancun to Merida

How much is an Uber from Cancun to Merida

To learn more about different beaches to see for the day and book your trip, go here to visit La Zona Hotelera.

When you rent a cheap car online for Cancun airport to pickup and even drive it to Merida! I have seen it’s always a lot cheaper to do it online versus paying directly at the airport. This would work out a lot better that way you can go and come back to the Cancun airport whenever you are ready.

ADO Bus At Cancun Airport

 cancun to merida bus

Another option is traveling by using the ADO bus. This option is not only cheap, but also will drop you at your preferred Merida station. I like to go to the Calle Paseo 60 or the Mérida Centro Histórico locations.

You have a few options for purchasing tickets. Once you exit the Cancun airport, remember to completely IGNORE all of the vendors and taxi drivers trying to steal your attention.

You can check our some ADO promotions on their official website or use their mobile app. When exiting the airport doors, you will see just 1 restaurant in front, but if you walk yo your left you will see an ADO booth where you can purchase tickets. You will see also a few terminals outside near the curbside where representatives can assist you.

In my experience, the tickets from Cancun to Merida can range anywhere from about $40-$70 USD. This would depend on the time and day that you are traveling and of course the Merida terminal that you select. Anyway, this is still a great deal that will not only get you to your destination, but also save you some money.

These are some popular ADO Bus Stations:

  • Aeropuerto Mérida
  • Mérida Centro Histórico
  • Mérida Paseo Calle 60
  • Mérida Altabrisa

There are 4 different ADO buses that you can select from:

  • ADO Conecta
  • ADO Platino
  • ADO GL
  • ADO Primera

All of their buses have AC, free wifi, restrooms and typically will show movies during your trip for entertainment.

Another good thing is that the ADO representatives speak English at the airport so you shouldn’t have any trouble or difficulty with the language. Also, unlike taxi drivers, all of the prices are completely disclosed upfront and posted so that you don’t have to guess and feel that someone is taking advantage of you. It’s happened to us all at some point or another.

The only downfall of using the ADO bus is that it makes several stops and take 4-5 hours on the time you travel & travel. Considering this, we have used ADO buses several times and have never had any issues with them and they are highly recommended. It’s a very relaxing Cancun to Merida bus and all you need are some snacks and goodies for the ride 🙂

Have Friend Pick You Up

Another alternative to Uber in Cancun Airports is to simply have a friend pick you up if one lives locally or heading to a Merida. This of course would save you soem money and this person could take you directly to your destination.

Facebook Groups

If you are a member of some Facebook expat groups and feel comfortable with the idea, you can send a message within the group to see who is going to Merida on your arrival date. Sometimes you may find couples who are willing to share the expenses from Cancun to Merida. This is not my first option, but one to consider if you are exhausted with options.

Here are a few FB groups that you could consider as an alternative to Uber in Cancun airports:

Cancun Airport Transportation: Should You Use Cancun Airport Shuttles?

I only recommend using the Cancun airport shuttles IF and only IF you are going to the hotel that is shuttling passengers. This is because it is free and they will not charge you for the trip to the hotel. However, it’s courteous to offer a modest tip as a thank you to driver which is greatly appreciated. Me and my wife have done this before and it worked really great.

Again, you can look at some cheap Cancun hotel deals online and then book a nice room for your family. The drivers usually will be standing in the front of the curbside for pickup asking if you are going to their hotel. You can then ride with them for FREE.

Cancun to Merida Conclusion

I know that initially you wanted to know how much is an Uber from Cancun to Merida to help plan your travels. I am very happy that you clicked through and check out some possible alternatives to Uber in Cancun.

As mentioned before, Uber rides in general in Merida Mexico are a lot cheaper for commuting versus being in the US where it’s more expensive. You can go anywhere you want by requesting an Uber and get a driver within minutes. The only stipulation however is that you can not requested an Uber driver to pick you directly from the Cancun airport. The only inconvenience is that you will have to walk a distance away from the airport property to use the rideshare service.

Something thing that you keep in mine is the heat. It can be very hot even up to 100 F (37 Celsius) or more. This doesn’t make it a comfortable option to walk around in the himdity just to meet an Uber driver perhaps a mile away. With this in mind, which of the options mentioned above will you use to travel from Cancun to Merida? Will you book a cheap flight to Merida or rent a car in Cancun today online, purchase ADO tickets or use another means? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments area.


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