Welcome Tourists And Expats To Merida Review Blog!

My name is Wally and I am an enthusiastic travel blogger who loves to explore, learn about new cultures and adventures. 

Prior to vacationing to Merida the first time for 1 week in 2019, I use to be a commercial banker and really enjoyed working with my clients. However, during the pandemic we decided that we wanted a change and started traveling again. When we came to Merida the second time in 2020, we stayed for an entire month! This gave me and my wife an opportunity to really scope out Merida and to determine if we could make it home.  

Long story short, we have been living in Merida Mexico since January 2023 and absolutely love it!

Being that we love to travel, over the years we have also been to Spain, Panama, Dominican Repblic, Puerto Rico, France and many other places. However, the truth is that nothing beats Merida, Mexico when it comes to security, tranquility and lower costs of living. This, along with some friends of our from Merida motivated us to move and that is exactly what we did! We haven’t regretted one moment of it!

Purpose of Merida Review Blog 

So what we will be doing on this Merida Review Blog is sharing our adventures and some of the best things to do in Merida as an insider. This way you will know exactly what to expect before going to Merida.

Please rest assured that we are not lawyers nor real estate agents, so I we will not being offering any legal advice nor selling houses on this website. However, if you do need a lawyer or realtor to help with moving to Merida, then we have some great recommendations.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

I sincerely hope this website helps you make a good decision about traveling to Merida, Mexico!